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Email Marketing

Give your partners their own custom marketing campaigns — that work for you.

Communicate allows companies with partner channels to effectively promote products and services through the channel with well-developed, targeted marketing campaigns. With Communicate, product managers have more control over the appearance, branding, and overall effectiveness of channel partners' marketing campaigns by controlling the quality of partners' efforts. Partners are given a centralized location customized with their brand to help promote products and services without having to devote a lot of time on developing marketing materials. You've already invested in marketing campaigns—why not make sure partners use them?

How It Works

Channel partners access complete marketing campaigns developed specifically for them via the SharedVue Platform's web-based partner console. Every partner can have their own customized campaign aimed specifically at selling your products. As seen below, Communicate features modules that are added to the SharedVue Platform that allow for communications to be sent out to the partner's customer list. Any new or traditional marketing tactics can be delivered straight from product and marketing managers to the end consumer via the partner.

Example: Email Campaigns

Enhance communication between you, your partners, and their customers.

  1. Partners choose from pre-made templates designed by your marketing team
  2. Then, partners can customize event details, times, locations, and other information as needed.
  3. After finalizing and saving emails, partners can upload/manage lists and send to prospects.
    • Turnkey
    • Drive prospects to partner sites
    • Remove other email programs
    • Decreased communication time
    • Easy setup

Example: Events & Seminars

Create events and templates to enable partners and capture leads.

  1. Partners choose from pre-made templates designed by your marketing team to host your events or their own custom events.
  2. Once customized, events appear directly on partners' websites, with no need to create or link to an external landing page.
  3. Visitors to your partners' sites see event information and register directly within the page.
    • Turnkey
    • Automatic registration
    • Co-branded
    • No IT needed
    • Easily updatable
    • Drives leads

Through-Partner Live or Virtual Events

Events are one of the best ways to create qualified leads for your sales channel. However, not all channel partners have a dedicated marketing resource. Thus, partners are unable to organize a live or virtual events, develop compelling email invites or acquire robust target lists. In addition, it can be difficult for partners to create landing and registration pages on their websites that correspond to these campaigns.

Communicate removes the need for a partner marketing resource by providing channel partners with a library of pre-made, templated webinar and live event packages. Partner simply log in to their unique Partner Console, select which event or webinar template they want. As soon as the invite is active, partners have the option of customizing the landing/registration page and invite and follow-up emails. When paired with Communicate, event landing pages appear directly on partners' existing websites automatically.

Vendor/Partner Co-Branded Email Campaigns

For partners with limited marketing resources, developing a targeted, effective email campaign can be difficult. To run an effective email campaign, partners must create a compelling message and incentive for recipients. They must also offer some sort of call-to-action, such as clicking through to a landing page or downloadable resource. This means the partner must also have the ability to create a landing page or downloadable asset.

With Communicate, partners are supplied with a library of email campaigns with corresponding landing pages. Partners have the ability to select a campaign, customize the message and edit landing pages before sending them to prospective customers. Once sent, partners then have the ability to track open rates, click-throughs, leads and other conversion metrics to help gauge the success of the campaign.

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