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Email Marketing

Boost Partner Marketing ROI with Email Marketing Solutions

SharedVue’s email marketing solutions enable vendors to provide partners with preconfigured email marketing campaign templates, e-newsletters and event marketing packages that they can quickly customize and implement.

The email marketing tool makes it easy for your partners to generate demand for your products and services by providing a simplified platform to deploy ready-to-use marketing campaigns.

Key Benefits:

  • Create Demand: Drive prospects to your partners’ websites to build your funnel.
  • Build Loyalty: Empower partners to build thought leadership and customer loyalty.
  • Enhance Brand: Promote your brand and ensure it is represented consistently in the marketplace.
  • Simplify Process: Enable your partners to quickly and effectively nurture prospects through the buying cycle.
  • Evaluate Impact: Measure partner adoption and quantify campaign effectiveness.

Email Campaigns

SharedVue’s email marketing platform makes it easy for you to provide preconfigured email campaigns to your partners that they can quickly customize and send to their customers and prospects. Partners choose from the approved templates, insert corresponding landing pages, easily upload their list, and access real-time reporting on the back end to measure campaign effectiveness.

Email Newsletters

SharedVue’s email newsletter feature allows you to enable your partners to establish an ongoing stream of communication with end users. Partners can easily keep customers apprised of new products and services, special offers and discounts, and offer best practices in order to build loyalty and thought leadership. They simply customize ready-to-use preconfigured e-newsletter templates with their call to action to drive users to their websites.

Event Marketing

Hosting live and virtual events has proven to be an effective way to build thought leadership and to create qualified leads for partners. Using SharedVue, you can deliver an array of simple-to-use robust preconfigured live event and webinar package templates to your partners. These customizable packages can include all of the invitations, registration forms, email campaigns, landing pages and follow-up communications needed for your partners to successfully host an online event and produce quality leads.

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